Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This year both girls picked out their costumes. Bug immediately knew she wanted to be someone from Monster High, but struggled to decide on a character. Finally after much deliberation and consideration of how many others may pick each character she settled on Jina Fire.

Baby Girl, on the other hand, struggled a bit more. She had no idea who or what she wanted to be. At one point I think we had five costumes in our buggy for her to choose from. She narrowed it down to Woody or Buzz light year from Toy Story and then realized they were boy costumes, so the hunt began again.  After about 30 minutes in the store, she settled on a candy corn witch. 

Of course I picked Baby Boy's costume and I think he is the cutest little biker ever. Can you believe he kept that scarf on his head almost the entire night?!?!

Unfortunately Bug was not feeling the greatest with bronchitis and it was SO HOT!!! Both girls wanted to get out of their costumes after the first few houses, but they were troopers and kept going to get more candy. Bug was able to see one of her friends from school that lives just down the street and they both got a TON of candy. Two of our neighbors make special bags just for our kids! The night was a success!