Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The C Word

A single phone call in August of last year forever changed me. A phone call that began with talk of kids, spouses and daily happenings. A phone call that ended with tears, words of encouragement and promises of prayer. A phone call that forever changed our family with one word.


Over one million people each year will hear that word while sitting anxiously in an exam room awaiting test results.

My sister-in-law was one of the million to hear the terrifying word. Immediately upon hearing the news I reached out to all of my praying faceboook friends, asking for them to pray. I prayed every day that God be with her and her family while she underwent treatment after treatment. I prayed for a miracle.

Monday she went to the doctor for the results from her most recent scans and our prayers were answered. She is in remission! Our prayers were answered. Although I am overjoyed, I can not help but think about the many people that have lost and will lose their battles.

Facebook status updates urge us to share messages similar to this:

I admit that I often clicked the “share” button mindlessly. Sometimes with a fleeting thought of my great-grandmother who lost her battle several years ago. Now that message means so much more.

You may think that it only happens to other people. I know that I used to think that way. I always promised myself that I would do my breast exam- tomorrow. I’ll call to schedule my mammogram, or pap smear, or check-up- tomorrow. Now I will do all those things today, because my friends, tomorrow may be too late. And I may not be one of the lucky ones.

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