Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two Sick Girls

Both the kids are sick. The Little One has been fighting a bit of congestion for a couple of days now, and The Big One woke up last night with a temp of 103 and a horrible cough. I hate to see my babies sick, mostly, because I feel so helpless when those sad eyes look at me begging for me to make it better. But, I wouldn't be true to myself or to all of you , if I didn't admit that I also hate when my babies are sick because the whining is enough to make Mother Theresa go insane.

And so my day consisted of catering to two sick children,  (Thank God the Captain was home today) forcing fluids, checking temperatures, and wiping snotty noses. It is midnight and I am just now getting out of the shower. I am tired. But the best part of today was having The Big One climb into my lap and want to be cuddled. Opportunities to hold my big girl are few and far between- she's Daddy's girl.

But when she's sick- the only thing she wants is her Mama!

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  1. Aww...I hope they feel better soon! When the Boy gets sick, he gets really high, scary fevers and is absolutely miserable. The Girl hasn't been very sick lately. She's had a runny nose, eye goop and teething, but nothing scary as of yet. I don't look forward to that inevitable day.