Sunday, June 17, 2012

His Son's First Hero, His Daughter's First Love

Father's Day is almost over. It was a quiet day here at Mama's house. The Captain worked, as he has every Father's Day since we met. The biggest difference this Father's Day is that now he is a father of three.

T-Man is here visiting, so the Captain is lucky enough to have all three of his children under one roof to celebrate his special day. I recently saw a quote on pinterest: "A Dad is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love". This couldn't be more appropriate.

I have watched the relationship between T-Man and the Captain evolve over five years. I have watched T-Man idolize his father, forever trying to emulate the man that he is. I have watched the Captain grow, becoming less of a "buddy" and more of a "dad", never faltering in the love he has for his son, his firstborn. It was that love for his son that first drew me to him.

I have watched the Big One fall in love with her daddy and he with her. In her eyes no one can compare. I see the special bond they have developed in her short lifetime, and the love they share makes my heart full. I love to watch the two of them together. To hear him make her laugh the way no one else can always puts a smile on my face. And though sometimes I want to choke him when I am cooking dinner and he comes home and hands her a ring pop, or some other treat, I am grateful for the relationship they have.

The Captain continues to amaze me every day. I am so proud of the dad he used to be, the dad that he is and the dad he is becoming. He is a self made man. Unlike T-Man he did not have a "dad" to emulate. You know the saying "Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad"? Well, despite the fact that the  Captain had a father, he is certainly doing a great job being a dad.

My favorite "dad" quality that he has is that he constantly tells his children that he loves them and that he is proud of them. You really don't know the power of those two statements "I love you." and "I am proud of you." unless you rarely heard them. Those eight words could be just what your children need to be extraordinary instead of ordinary.

I look forward to seeing the Little One fall in love with the Captain just as her big sister has. I am excited to watch the relationship between the Captain and T-Man evolve as he enters adulthood, and they gain mutual understanding and respect for one another. The Captain always says "If I stopped being a dad right now, I would be a better dad than my father ever was.", and that statement is so very true. But the biggest thing that separates the Captain from his father is that as long as there is life in his body he will never stop being a dad.

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