Sunday, September 30, 2012

Snaggle Tooth

The Little One's 5th tooth has finally come in. The poor thing has been teething since she turned three months old. It seems to take forever for a tooth to come in once it breaks through the surface, (Or as the Big One says "once it breaks through the circus". LOL) and she hasn't had a break in between teeth.

She now has three teeth on the bottom (working on a fourth), and two on top (working on two more). I was a little concerned at first when I saw the order of her teeth, and immediately started googling "teeth are coming in out of order". I was relieved when I read that many children's teeth start out looking like this:


Although she is my third child, I have certainly had a lot of "firsts" with her. Thankfully I also read the other children's front teeth came in normally. I can already see them starting to break through.
Did your child's teeth come in out of order? It's good for a chuckle every time she smiles! What unusual teething stories do you have?

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