Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our NH Vacation Part 1

I am finally getting around to posting about our vacation ~ almost 3 weeks later! Yikes!


As I have said before I grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, in a small town with a population just over 2000. Growing up, I couldn't wait to leave the rural life behind and immerse myself in city life. Up until recently I didn't appreciate the beauty of my hometown, nor the quality of life I had growing up in such a close knit community.

Other than family, the thing I miss most is the change of seasons. It sometimes makes me sad that my children will not regularly experience all that seasons have to offer. They will not experience the beautiful foliage and jumping into leaf piles during the fall, or sledding and building snowmen in winter. They will not see the bare branches of the trees bud and then become full with leaves in the summer sunshine. Here in Florida we have two seasons- hot and less hot. Fall has always been my favorite season, and the time of year that I am the most homesick. This year we were fortunate enough to be able to visit during the summer to fall transition. The days were warm, the evenings cool and the leaves were just starting to get some color. I love stepping off that plane and breathing in the crisp mountain air.

The closest airport is 2 hours away, so after landing, getting our luggage and loading up ourselves and the kid we stopped for dinner before making the drive to my mother's house. The Big One is not used to being in the car for extended periods, so for the majority of the drive we heard "How much longer until we are at your house Grammie?"

We finally arrived and the girls set about exploring their new surroundings and playing with the new toys from Grammie and Poppy.  The Little One is very much a mama's girl and cried any time anyone tried to talk to her. After a couple of hours of playing and hanging out we finally headed to bed for some much needed rest.

The next day we decided to take it easy. We went out to breakfast and then took a walk down to the lake.

When we got home the weather was beautiful so we headed outside to enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air. We played in the water hose.
The Big One was not happy when we made her stop.
We played hide and seek.

We layed in the grass, and spent a lot of time keeping the Little One from eating the grass!

We played on the swing that Poppy made. It was the Best. Swing. Ever. It really got pretty high- high enough to make me a little nervous. The Big One loved it and asked to be pushed until our arms ached.

Grammie was lucky and got to give kisses to the Little One. The Little One is very much a mama's girl, but we learned that after a nap and with a full belly, she was much more agreeable to hugs and kisses from Grammie.

The Captain was anxious for my uncle to get out of work so that he could go fishing. They didn't go fishing, but he did get his fishing license.
 The Big One scraped her knuckles while playing on the walk, so after getting her fingers bandaged with princess band-aids, she decided to take a break and check out the American Dolls catalog.

My aunt, cousin and uncle stopped by for a short visit (they live just up the road). It was a great day!

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