Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pinned Disappointments

I must confess. I. Love. Pinterest. I could spend hours browsing and repining recipes, organizational charts, crafts and all kinds of DIY projects. I pin away, thinking “Wow, what a great idea!”, or “I’m going to make that for the living room!” and “The Captain will love to have this for dinner tomorrow!” You get the picture. I currently have 35 boards with 395 pins total. I have only tried 1.

I have put myself on a pinning restriction of sorts until I can try out some of the recipes and cleaning tips. I have made a list of the projects I want to make with The Big One for Easter, and this time (unlike the St. Patrick’s Day projects) I will do them! And until I have- I WILL NOT PIN!

Yeah, right! J

I have made it a point to try two of the DIY cleaning solutions and I must say the first had me a bit disappointed. The “miracle” soap scum remover looked fantastic… until it dried. Now my shower doors look like I rubbed a bar of soap all over them. Hmmm…. I must have done something wrong.

Now here I sit with baking soda and vinegar all over my carpet, as I try out my “miracle all natural” carpet stain remover. Instead of getting up off my behind to vacuum the mess I sit here and write this post. I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed again. L Hopefully one of my almost 400 pins will be worthy of sharing with all of you, but until then I think I’ll start pinning area rugs that I like! ;)


  1. The natural carpet stain remover worked decently well for me! Not an out-and-out miracle, but it did the trick. Let me know how it works for you!

    1. Sarah- The stain remover worked okay, I guess. I'm not really 100% sure because I have vacuumed 3 times and still have baking soda in my carpet. LOL. Maybe I used a bit too much? ;)