Monday, March 26, 2012


It’s March. It’s 9:30am. It’s 75 degrees. Already. UGH!

I slip on my flip flops, load up the kids in the van to head to the bank. The weather man says this winter has been “unusually mild”, which is code for “freaking hot”. I do occasionally get to watch the news in between episodes of Dora the Explorer and Max and Ruby, so I am aware that the winter has been “mild”, if only in temperature, across the country.

So, on my ride to the bank I was wondering if the unusually warm weather has caused the snowbirds* to return home early this year. This has both positive and negative effects on our little community. The roads are definitely safer once they return homeJ , but they spend money while here and that helps our local economy.

Anyway, on the ride home as I drove past the Salvation Army thrift store I notice a huge sign announcing:

Senior Day!

All Clothes and bric-a-brac 50% off!

(For those of you who are as confused as I was the first time I saw the “bric-a-brac“ sign, apparently it is the Salvation Army’s way of saying “ knick knacks/what-nots/dust collectors”.)

Now, it is about 10:03am. The store opens at 10:00am. I pull up in front of the store, the light turns red. As I slow to a stop, I can see about 50 people (no exaggeration) gathered outside of the Salvation Army. Intrigued- okay I’m just pretty damn nosy, I turned to see a sea of men in polo shirts and shorts with coordinated dress socks pulled up to their knees, and women with their freshly styled and set hair, clutching their large bags, all of them making a mad dash as the doors are opened.

And in that moment my question was answered. No. The snowbirds have not gone back home, they are still here, and on Mondays “Senior Day” is the place to be!

*The term snowbirds (for any of my readers that may not know) is what we call the retirees who live up north in the summer and spend their winters here in Florida.

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