Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Naps at Bedtime

All day today I was tired and irritable. After dinner I took the Little One into my bedroom to nurse and we both fell asleep. I woke up about an hour and a half later. As I am sneaking past the Big One’s room, I hear “Goodnight Mom.” So I go back to her doorway to give hugs, kisses, say goodnight- all the stuff we missed tonight because I fell asleep. As we’re talking I notice that she is wearing something over her pajamas, but I don’t really pay much attention to it. The Big One is known for adding and changing clothes once in her room at bedtime, so it’s nothing unusual.

She also is known for sleeping on the floor. For some reason the little weirdo prefers the hard floor over her soft bed. It may be that she carefully places 500 “friends” onto her bed every night, not leaving much room for her.

It has become a “Where’s Waldo?” game of sorts for the Captain and I, because we never know where or how we will find her once she has finally fallen asleep.

So tonight, as is our routine, the Captain and I peek in on the Big One to see where she has ended up. And I see it. But I can’t believe it. I finally get a good look at what she is wearing. It looks like she is wearing one of her old dresses.

“What is she wearing?” I ask the Captain. Remember- I was asleep for her entire bedtime routine.

“That dress that was in the garage.” He replies nonchalantly.

I look a little closer at my sleeping child and see that she is in fact wearing the dress from the garage. An old dress that she once wore- a long time ago.

“That dress is size 18 months.” I say to him and we share a laugh. I can’t believe that my 4T little girl squeezed into it!

“Guess that’s why I could only button one button”, he says as I shake my head. “What? I was on the phone…”, is his only defense.

And that is why moms should never take naps at bedtime.

The dress
The "friends" and miscellaneous stuff required for sleeping

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