Monday, April 23, 2012

Lessons of the Day

After two days of rain, The Big One was going a bit stir crazy. I figured she needed to get out of the house, but anything outside wasn't an option as everything is saturated. I decided that we should take her to the local Children's museum. Unfortunately, I decided this at nap time, so sans nap we loaded up in the van. Not my greatest parenting moment.

As we are driving through the parking lot to secure a space, we are nearly hit by another mini-van. The driver was jay driving. (This is my new term for those who fail to take the time to drive lawfully around a parking lot, and instead drive through the empty parking spaces- similar to crossing the street without using the crosswalk). And because apparently I have a bit of road rage, I immediately reach across the Captain throwing my hands in the air. The other driver does the same and I respond by flipping him the bird. Normally, I would have no regrets and continue on about my day, but then:

The Captain: "Hey I know that guy!"

Me: "What?!?!"

The Captain:  "Yeah, I used to work with him."  (to the other guy) "Hey Man! What's up? You just pissed my wife off!"

Oops. Lesson Number 1: Be careful when flipping the bird, it just may turn out to be someone you (or your husband) know.

Sheepishly I walk with my family into the museum. It all starts out great. We climb in the tree house, watch a show about air, play in the firetruck, and decorate a cup and plant a flower.

Everyone is happy and having fun- Until we go into this little area where there are these little orange balls. There are lots of them. Balls to roll down ramps, put into tubes and such. I must admit that the Big One has not quite learned how to share. She is not blatant about not sharing.  She does not scream "MINE!" when other children come to play with the coveted orange balls. Nope, instead she stealthily gathers up as many balls as she can hold and hoards them in the corner. The first no nap induced meltdown occurs when she is informed that she must share the balls or go to another area of the museum. Of course she wants to do neither, so she is physically redirected to the grocery section.

Attention diverted, she is quickly pushing her buggy, grabbing items off the shelf and having a great time.

This goes on for quite some time, and the Captain and I, wanting her to see what else the museum has to offer, suggest we go to another area. Meltdown #2. This one is complete with kicking and screaming and results in us very quickly exiting the museum. As I am typing this I realize that in our haste to get out of there with our screaming child, we forgot to get her flower. Bummer.

Lesson Number 2: Do not take a child having no nap out in public. $30 for an hour and a half- I should have just taken her to the mall and let her have her meltdown for free.

I must say, I had a very educational day today. How about you?

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  1. My goodness, that place looks super fun!! Especially the tree house! I'm sorry it didn't turn out that well, but at least you got out of the house. A+ for effort, I say. :) Also, I love your term 'Jay Drivers'! I think I'm going to adopt that.