Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Little One

The Little One turned 6 months old yesterday (the 5th). Where has the time gone? Has it really been half a year already?!?

Yesterday I held her close and watched her while she was sleeping, knowing that soon her sleeping in my arms will be but a memory. I watched her laying peacefully still, breathing deeply, a contented slumber that only occurs when she is nestled close to my chest. I breathed deep, inhaling her intoxicating sweet smell, longing to freeze that moment in time. I wondered about her dreams as a smile spread across her face and her tiny little fingers twitched. I could have held her in my arms until she woke, but instead I carefully carried her to her room, laid her in the crib and allowed my hand to linger on her back for just a moment longer.

I am amazed every day at how quickly she is growing, and learning. Every day she grows by leaps and bounds, and I am constantly reminded that in the blink of an eye she will be headed to preschool, and before I am ready she will be starting a life of her own. With every passing milestone come mixed emotions. The joy from watching her accomplishments, is mixed with the sadness that this is the last of my children that I will watch learn to crawl, take first steps, and speak first words. I never would have imagined I would be so affected by these thoughts.

And yet, there is still a part of me that is anxious to see the little person she will become. I am anxious to watch her personality evolve. I am curious what characteristics she will share with The Big One, and what traits will set them apart. I can't wait to watch my girls play together, and fight with one another. I am hopeful that not only will they love each other as sisters, but also as friends.

So, Happy Half Birthday Little One. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of your life thus far. I will cherish every moment that I have with you. You bring so much joy to every member of our little family. I look forward to the many milestones you have yet to reach, and the many memories we have left to make. I love you!

What The Little One is doing now:
  • Raising up on all fours, rocking back and forth, then thrusting forward in an attempt to crawl. She scoots all over the place in a somewhat modified army crawl.

  • No longer sleeping through the night. She is getting up at least once between 2am and 5am to nurse, and then (usually) goes right back to sleep.
  • Laughing. All. The. Time. She is such a happy baby.

  • Eating solids, but not as much as she did a month ago. This girl loves her mama's milk.
  • Still teething. The two bottom teeth broke the surface over a month ago and are not making much progress. I'm sure she shares in my sentiment when I say "C'mon already!"
  • Cooing and babbling. Loudly. She wants to be heard.

  • Loving the Big One. When her sister is near, no one else exists. They really love each other.

  • Grabbing everything- my hair, my glasses, my face...whatever she sees, she wants! LOL


  1. I loved it!!!
    Makes me want to cry...just brings back the memeories & emotions of when mine that little:)

  2. Thanks Tina! I tear up a bit if I read it too!