Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ring Pops & Tooth brushes

This afternoon, while she was eating a ring pop, I heard The Big One in the bathroom with the water running.

Me: "Big One, what are you doing?"

TBO: "Brushing my teeth. Remember the lady said to always brush your teeth when you eat candy?"

"The Lady" is the woman who checked us out at Kmart on the 4th of July. "The lady" told the Big One that if she didn't brush her teeth after she finished eating the gummy worms I was buying, (I'm sure as some sort of bribe for good behavior) that all her teeth would fall out.

Me: "And why do you have to brush your teeth after you eat candy?"

TBO: "Because if you don't brush your teeth you will pee in your bed."

Hmmm.... I think we got some wires crossed along the way!

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