Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bubble Snakes

The Big One loves to blow bubbles. What child doesn't, right? It's a great outdoor activity for us, especially when the heat is suffocating, as it doesn't require a lot of movement. If you read my last post, you know that moving around a lot hasn't really been my style lately! :)

Anyway, we blow bubbles several times a week, and it occupies the Big One for 20 or so minutes at a time. She loves to chase the bubbles and try to catch them on the end of the wand, or pop them before they pop themselves. On breezy days (which is most days) she gets frustrated that the wind takes the bubbles out of her reach.

I found these bubble snakes on Pinterest several weeks ago and finally decided to try it out last week. It was super easy to do and the Big One had a blast!

Materials Needed:
Water Bottle
 Rubber Band
 Nylon stockings
 Dish Detergent

1. Cut off the bottom of the water bottle and discard. 

2. Cut a section of the nylon stocking to wrap around the open bottom of the cut bottle. I cut off the foot, but the seam in the toe area seemed to hinder the bubble making, so another part of the stocking may work better.

3. Completely cover the opening of the bottle with the nylon stocking and secure it around the top with the rubber band.
When finished the bottle should look like this:

4. Make bubble solution by mixing dish detergent and water in a shallow container.  I have always used Dawn detergent because it seems to make better bubbles, but any brand will work. Make sure your solution is not too watery, but use more water than detergent (it may take a bit of trial and error).

5. Dip the nylon covered end of the water bottle in the solution and blow through the mouth of the bottle.

CAUTION: Small children will often breathe back in after blowing out and will get a mouthful of soap. It took the Big One a few tries before she was able to blow the bubbles out without sucking them back in.

See how long you can make your bubble snake.

The bubbles are fun to pick up- they hang around a long time before they start popping!

It was also fun to clap our hands when they were full of bubbles! Bubbles went EVERYWHERE!

 This really is a fun activity! I encourage you to try this with your little ones- if you haven't already!

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