Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back to Work

Today was my last day as a stay at home mom. Tomorrow there will be a changing of the guards so to speak. I will return to my career in skilled nursing and The Captain is going to try his hand at raising the girls. It is with mixed emotions that I embark on this new journey.

I wanted so badly to stay at home and raise my girls until they went to "big kid" school, but unfortunately it just wasn't in the cards. As hard as the Captain works for our family, the income from his job is just not consistent enough to support our family. I have been given an opportunity that can and will.

I suppose it will be nice to be with adults regularly, but I will so miss my babies and my playdates with Daycare Mom and Mimi. Without them, I never would have made it through this last year with my sanity intact. They have become some of my closest friends.

I worry how the kids are going to do with the transition. Bug will surely be fine as she is a daddy's girl, but Baby Girl is really going to struggle. She is still nursing at nap and bedtime and is totally a Mama's girl! She rarely wants to have anything to do with her dad!

So tomorrow morning I will wake up to an alarm clock instead of a babies cries. I will actually get dressed in something other than jeans and apply makeup to my tear stained cheeks. I will hold back my tears as I kiss my babies good-bye and then sob all the way to my new job. I will text him 20 times checking on the kids and count the minutes until I can be home with them again.

I know that each day it will get easier, but tomorrow will certainly be a rough one. The Captain is a great dad and will do a good job, but I will miss those babies SO MUCH!!!

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