Friday, May 11, 2012

Coffee Filter Flower

Daycare Mom had this craft ready for us at our playdate today. It was fun and easy. She did some of the steps ahead of time, which was very smart thinking on her part as it made the craft flow much easier. When dealing with preschoolers you have to be abe to complete the craft before they get bored!


Coffee Filter(s)
Green construction paper
White Paper for background
Bug/Bird/Frog Stickers
Newspaper/construction paper
Tape- painter's tape works best

Before we got there Daycare Mom had painted the white paper brown on the lower 1/3 and blue on the top. It was already dry and ready to go. She also cut out the stem and two leaves from the green construction paper. So when we got there we...

1. Taped the coffee filters to paper to allow the kids to paint the entire coffee filter without making a mess. Daycare Mom also taped the paper to the table so that it wouldn't slide around. She used the blue painter's tape so that it wouldn't tear the paper or the coffee filter. Another great idea-she was full of great ideas today. (Not that she isn't everyday!) LOL

2. The kids painted the coffee filters and we let them dry. To speed up the process Daycare Mom dried them with a blowdryer.

3. While waiting for the coffee filters to dry we glued the stem and leaves to the painted paper.

4. We then scrunched up the coffee filters a bit to make them less flat. The Big One painted two coffe filters, so I scrunched one up a little more than the first and glued it into the center of the first one. (you can see this in the finished product photo)

5. Once the coffee filters were on, the kids picked out different bug and bird stickers and placed them all around the flower.

6. On the finished product we wrote "Mommy helps me grow, just like flowers grow. Mother's Day 2012"

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